Lugaci Gstaad Auto Tour 2017

With summertime upon us, we decided to treat ourselves and a few of our members to a nice day of driving in the region of Gstaad, Switzerland. This was an occasion to take some cars out, enjoy the mountain roads and enjoy a nice stay at the Gstaad Palace for a delicious meal.


For this day of fun, we took along several cars that were completely different so that everyone could have a little taste of each driving experience. To start off, we picked the Bentley Bentayga and it’s monstrous 600hp engine to have that sweet paradox of sitting in a living room while shredding through the sweet mountain curves.

We continued with the Porsche Boxster GTS, to commemorate the time when the Boxster still had it’s naturally-aspirated flat-6 engine and the crackling exhaust note. Our aim was also to show how under-appreciated this car usually is in this context while it’s a car that can truly let out it’s full potential and that doesn’t need to be held back! With all the new high-powered supercars coming out, there’s limitless HP but nowhere to put that power down. Well, this Boxster GTS was a delight and it kept asking for more!


The next car was the brand new Aston Martin DB11 with it’s 5.2L Twin Turbocharged V12 engine, good for a very powerful 600hp. This was also an ideal car for a nice ride on this mountain passes, combining confort with speed without an effort and while keeping that unforgettable Aston Martin soundtrack even though turbos had been added to this new addition in the DB family.

Lastly, we brought along our trustful Aston Martin Rapide because we’ve always been in love with this car and it’s always more fashionable to transport material in an AM Rapide than in an SUV! (Ok… you’re right… We could’ve used the Bentayga for material transportation, but where’s the fun in using cars the way they were planned?)


We proceeded to take these cars out, enjoy a nice drive and used the tires up the necessary amount and then headed back to the Gstaad Palace for a well deserved drink and a delicious meal! Obviously, what happened next is exclusive to Lugaci, so you’ll have to be content with a few additional pictures on our Facebook page!


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