Vauban 21 – Billionaires’ Quay 2017

Earlier this year, we were contacted by the Billionaires’ Quay in Antibes, France because they had started a 5 year long project aiming to totally restore the port while giving the city it’s magical touch that it had lost these last few decades and we were invited to come present a few cars and activities during the Cannes Film Festival for a few dozen Megayachts.

We decided that this would be an awesome occasion, so we took the bait and got things rolling! The planning phase started and we decided that the best way to present the Lugaci DriveTime lifestyle, would be to have a variety of cars to cover every need, so we brought along the following vehicles :

– Icona Vulcano : One-off hyper car with a full titanium body and an engine capable of being pushed all the way to 1’200hp if desired. This would be our “let’s go show off on the seaside” car.

– Effeffe Berlinetta : Modern classic retaining a 2.0L 4-cylinder Alfa Romeo engine from the 60s but cranked up to 200hp for a weight of 750kg. The car is fully handmade in the present day, but to the specifications of a 60s car leaving us with no assistance for a pure driver focused vehicle, while using modern technology for a much stiffer and lighter chassis. This would be our “let’s go out for a romantic ride in the mountains” car.

– Bentley Flying Spur V8S : Luxury sedan with a more than capable 520hp V8 Twin-Turbo Engine which would offer the perfect comfort for our guests for a quick drive to or from the airport, while still being astonishingly capable for some speedy fun, because of course, regardless of the car, the goal with Lugaci is pure fun! This was our “get chauffered by a happy chauffeur” car.

– Porsche Boxster GTS : The last of the NA 6-cylinder Porsche Boxsters, this car was to be our fun mountain road convertible monster. While most see it as an “entry level” Porsche, this is the car that you can truly push to it’s limits while hopefully not ending up in prison for serious speeding! This would be our “perfect sunny day racer” car.

– Aston Martin Rapide : Now this one just had to make it in our list for the simple fact that it’s our corporate Lugaci daily driver because we can’t get enough of it. The looks of an Aston Martin coupe, while having 4 doors and plenty of space in the boot for moving things around and the vicious and instantly recognisable growl of the now legendary Aston Martin V12 engine.


Now that we had the cars chosen, we decided on a few fun things to do! So to take advantage of our selection and enjoy ourselves, we treated our guests to fun trips around the Quay in whatever car they desired while also offering a 0-100km/h experience alongside the Megayachts directly on the privitized Quay.

For the yacht cabin crews, we brought along two racing simulators from the V-Drive Academy to host a week-long racing contest in order to win a passenger ride in the Icona Vulcano as well as some other treats! Crews also deserve their daily dose of fun!

Alongside our Lugaci DriveTime area, our guests would be able to take part in private Golf lessons with new biodegradable golf balls made of algae and plancton that would decompose in under 24 hours to then feed the fish, and a full Drive-In Cinema experience for a different movie every night!


These are cars that are usually bought to be stored away and left in a dark garage for noone to see. 

This was an amazing experience for the guests of the Billionaires’ Quay as well as our members who made the trip and we must admit that we also had loads of fun ourselves being able to experience the sheer wrath of the Icona Vulcano and sharing that pleasure with the people around us. These are cars that are usually bought to be stored away and left in a dark garage for noone to see, so having the occasion to drive one around and giving that chance to others was not only a delight for ourselves, but also for the guys from Icona who get to share the artistry behind the engineering of this titanium beast.

The same goes for the brilliantly retro Effeffe Berlinetta which tells the story of a lifelong passion of the Frigerio Brothers for the classic italian cars of the 60s. Ex-Alfa Romeo racers, they had the dream of creating the car that they would have wanted to drive when they were younger and seeing that dream come true along with the stories coming directly from the mouth of one of the brothers is a priceless opportunity.


Now we’re back home, getting ready for our next adventures but we will keep these souvenirs in our mind for a long time and we deeply appreciated the time spent in Antibes soaking in the sun and driving these priceless cars while sharing our passion for this automotive adventure that we enjoy daily! So we’ll end this with a nice sunset while drinking a cold beer in memory of a great week surrounded by some of the biggest yachts we’d ever seen!


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