Le Mans Classic 2016

Just a couple of weeks after the legendary 24 hours of Le Mans, this mythical track hosts a second prestigious event. The Le Mans Classic is a biennial vintage sports car event organised to commemorate the origins of the historical 24 hour event.

During several days, countless classic cars (all models must be pre-1979) race around the 13km track in distinct categories that place them back in the conditions known at the time with similar opponents and the same passion and drive fuelling each and every one of them. When not racing, the drivers go back to their paddock to work on their vehicle while also having them on display and talking to the guests that have come from all over the world to see this event.


As with most of these events, the adventure starts in the parking with a display of classic Ferraris, Alpines, Jaguars, and the list goes on. You can easily spend a couple hours in the parking alone just contemplating these beauties, but we had a lot more to stuff into our day so we snapped a couple pictures and moved on to avoid being behind on our schedule!

Our first stop was at the Michelin Motorsport truck to meet the team and also to see the guys from Officine Fratelli Frigerio who came along with their Effeffe Berlinetta which caught the public’s eye at a fascinating speed! The amazing thing is that just weeks ago this car was still being worked on and here was a stunning finished product which just goes to show all the time these artisans put in during the past few weeks to achieve such a breathtaking result!


This would be proof that while we’ve gained in power, comfort, and speed during the years, we did lose out on one important thing : that pure sound!

We then headed to the paddocks to admire all the cars that would be racing during that weekend and we were greeted by a parade of classics driving through the crowd which allowed us to not only have our eyes on such beautiful machines, but to also have the soundtrack accompanying them! This would be proof that while we’ve gained in power, comfort, and speed during the years, we did lose out on one important thing : that pure sound!

Once the parade ended we found ourselves trackside for what was going to be the highlight of my weekend. Jaguar had organised a few parade laps around the Circuit de la Sarthe and heading the parade was the one and only XJ13 drowning out the noise of all the other cars and imposing it’s own exhaust note for all to admire! Even at the slower speeds it was going, due to the fact that it’s a one-off and Jaguar didn’t want to risk it during a race, it still had the most majestic sound emanating from it’s engine!


All in all, this was yet another day dedicated to passion, meeting new people and having fun and we can’t wait for Le Mans Classic to be back in 2018 for it’s next edition! In the meantime, check out our full album of photos from the event HERE and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook to keep up with our next adventures!


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