WEC Prologue 2016

Ahead of each year’s WEC championship, there is one important weekend where every manufacturer get’s to do final adjustments and give their cars a last go around the track.

This year’s WEC Prologue took place at the Circuit Paul Ricard in the south of France and we had the chance to accompany our good friends from Rebellion Racing through these final days of testing ahead of what will surely be another very successful season for this Swiss team!

Our day started with a quick tour of the pits where we got to meet the team behind the scenes that makes sure everything works and ensures that the cars are running optimally and not breaking down! The team gave us a kick look at the spare parts, we got to see them in action replacing parts on the actual cars and it was amazing to see such an organised and passionate group of people all fighting for a common goal!



The team has some of the best racers from Formula-E and F1, while also having such up-and-coming talent as the 3 racers in the #13 car.

After going through the whole behind the scenes visit, I went over to the team drivers to get to know them better over a quick interview! This was probably the peak of my day. It’s not everyday that you can get to sit down and talk to such talented drivers coming from diverse backgrounds.

If you’re not already aware, the 2016 Rebellion Racing team will start the season with Nico Prost, Nick Heidfeld and Nelson Piquet Jr. in car #12 and Alexandre Imperatori, Dominik Kraihamer and Mathéo Tuscher in the #13 car with Mathias Bèche doing part of the season in ELMS series before returning to the #12 car later this season. This means that the team has some of the best racers from Formula-E and F1, while also having such up-and-coming talent as the 3 racers in the #13 car.

All the interviews have been filmed and posted on our Youtube page : here.



The day still going strong, I let the team get back to their main mission while I headed out to discover what the other teams had planned! Being a big Aston Martin fan, I ended up at the Aston Martin Racing team pit and got to listen in on an interview and see their cars while they were taking a break from the track.

One thing is sure, Aston Martin likes bringing the luxury along. Being in their pits had the true Aston Martin feel to it and even their shelves felt like finely done decorations. It was also magical to see these AM Vantage GTEs up close after hearing them making so much noise around the track.


All in all, this was one of those dream days where you get up close and personal with your passion and get to share it with likeminded people! Now we can’t wait for the season to start and see if our friends from Rebellion Racing will continue to dominate the Privateer category this season!

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